Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Message from Animal Jam HQ yesterday

Hi jammers! Dolphino got this message yesterday and we figured you'd want to see it!
Yesterdays item was a fox hat and here's one of the colors! 
I'll post all the colors later!


  1. I'm waiting for you to advertise my blog cause i really want it to be advertised.

  2. I advertised it on the Advertisement page :)

  3. Can I ask you a question? (actually 2 questions)
    1. Can you advertise my blog?
    2. How do you make it snow?

    please reply telling me the answers


  4. Answers
    1. I did advertise your blog it is on my advertising page at the top
    2. I will make a post about because it won't let me say the stuff because idk
    Also the snow was from love lost

  5. Hi Dolphina! Can you advertise my blog?
    (animaljamrampgae.blogspot.com) cool blog btw

  6. Lol hi btw I'm a jammer and I play animal jam and I'm a nm fox XD you can search me up I'm AbsolutelyCuteBunny