Adopt a pet

Here is the Page to get a pet. There are many choices to choose from so take your time!
Here is the pet tree adoption center, located in Appondale

The butterflies are up stairs
Now before we get further, we should focus on how you can design your pet. first, you choose your color of your snake.
Second you choose the eyes
Next you choose the pattern it has, its tail, and its head.
Then you name your pet.

Now we can move on =3

The cats are right next to the door
the dogs are next to the stairs
the hamsters are upstairs on the left side
the snakes are on the left of the stairs

This is a bat. it used to be available in octobor for halloween
they used to be here in Jamaa township
this is a Reindeer, which used to be available in december for christmas
Here's were the reindeer used to be in Mt. Shiveer

here is the frogs you can see them when you walk in.

Here is the Butterfly Palace, the place in Serapia Forest
Here is the Cat Mania in Crystal Sands
This is the Pet stop. Here you can dress up your animals. it costs 400 gems for a change but you can make more than one change at a time for 400 gems.
There's three options for your pet.
Its fun to have your own pet and dress it up. but wait. we're not done!

We still haven't gone through the Oceanic pets!

Here are the SeaHorses!
The AnglerFish
Here is what i like to call the Oceanic Pet Hideout. Its above the anglerfish
Here is the PetStop in the ocean!
You can still dress it up even when its in the sea!

You can have a total of 12 pets (Oceanic and Non-Oceanic included in the 12 pets)
You can have 1 pet with you and you can switch it out!



  1. that was great, i too have 2 reindeers and a bat. thats pretty cool. now i know where every pet is. honestly i think you should be able to have more then 12 pets, i have no spaces left! i need more... errr i want more, don't you think they should make it that way? well anyway thanks for showing everyone where every pet was :) it was very entertaining! i expeshally like the reindeers, and I'm glad i have 2, oh and the snakes! peace out

  2. RabbitLoveForeverJune 16, 2012 at 12:25 PM

    Life is better with pets :)

  3. My favorite pet I have, is this little black cat, with a red and black top hat, with big glasses, and a red bow tie around his neck. His name is Nobleton!!!! He is awwee cute!!!

  4. i have always wanted a pet but it is for members and i am non member boo hoo:(

  5. thankfully they made hamsters nonmem, yaaay! :D