Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Picture problem...

I got a new computer which is why im back on the blog... But i dont know how to take pictures on it.
So it might be a while before i can take pictures on it!
The new items is the Lit Baobab Tree and Lit Palm Tree from the Jam Mart Furniture! =3
I like the Lit Palm Tree Best :D

Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey jammers! i know i havent posted in forever, i got tired of aj, but my brother dolphino has started playing again, so i guess i am too! Im excited for whats to come next january, and im going to post more often (HOPEFULLY) I may not be able to post sometimes because i might be super busy ;D

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Haunted Forest Partay

Hi jammers! I finally got into the Haunted Forest Party!
Here's where you enter! i like that flooring, they should make THIS a den!
Here's wehre you buy stuff
I like the gypsy cart :)
In this box are Clothes!

Im sorry, but aj really needs to come up with some new halloween items, they had this all last year :P
In this one, you buy furniture
Heres the furniture

Here you can buy the Spooky Old Bones music, and get a bat!

This is me being the haunted tree!

When you click on it you- AHHHHH!!!!!

After you click on the moon, you get a little baby moon by you!

Thanks for coming to my blog guys! :D

Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Back! and halloween items

Hi all you jammers!
I have not been posting
As you probably HAVE noticed lol
I'm back on blogging and AJ!
I wasnt playing animal jam very much
so i stopped blogging

heres the new halloween stuff!
THe HaUNTED Mansion is back from last year!
Heres how it looks!
I got it from last year, but i cant show you because im a non member :P
This is an awesome den!
its really cool to have trading parties in :D

aww little cute tarantulas!

Heres the new Haunted Forest Party!
I havent been there yet, but i'll be sure to tell you about it!

Pet Bats have returned! (Although they were already back, in the haunted party!)

The Phantom Vortex has taken over parts of jamaa! (Little little circles of jamaa)

I found one unintentionally beside the door of the lost temple of zoos!

Heres what it looks like when you go inside!

When you click the game, this is what it says!
Your trying to protect your candy by getting the phantoms away from it!

(They apparently don't like light!)
Theres new items for halloween!

I had all of these from last year :|
Here are the new halloween den items!

and this one!

Also someone made a new Card for haloooooween!
It looks cool!

You can get stuff from sky high! (It says REALLY RARE stuff but all ive been getting is colored items...)
Also you can be part of the news crew on animal jams blog! Check their blog to find out how!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mushroom Table

Hey jammers!
Today's new item is the mushroom table!
I really like this one, its so cute!
My apologies for not posting in 4ever!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hi Jammers!

This just popped up on my screen
Reminding me of all the items in jamaa!

Ruin Set

Hi Jammers!

Today what is new is part of a set. There is the Hanging Vines, the Ruin Path 
and now the Ruin Wall. All matching. 
Nice stuff if you ask me!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Turtle House

Hi jammers!
Today's new item was in the Pets Only Party!
Turtle Shell house! Its so cute! I want one :D
Thanks BigCatsFoever for the picture i couldn't get it because I'm a nonmember

Friday, August 10, 2012


Hi jammers! I wanted to tell you about my best friend!
This is Jammer2700! she's really nice and she is the one who told me about animal jam!
She was in Beta times! she didn't have free chat but she had a beta den and she was there when Top hats and stuff were out!!!!!
You should defiantly get to know her

New stuff

Hi jammers! Im sorry i missed yesterday as i said.
Here is some new stuff!
I like how is plants and not the new stuff like the fantasy stuff! Thanks AJ!

And the crystal table, i don't know which stuff was first.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crystal Couch!

Hi jammers!
Today we have
The Crystal Couch!
Im sorry for not posting, I've been at a camp all day everyday from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. its crazy i know and then it takes like an hour to get home so I'm kinda dead by then :P
Tomarrow i won't be posting but i will on Friday!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Rare Coral Necklace

Hi jammers! Im so sorry about not posting for the last few days =(

 I feel so bad about it.
We have the rare item monday in the ocean, Rare Coral Necklace! Sadly i can't get it, I'm a nonmember now

there was a whole bunch of wolves dancing in jamaa changing colors and stuff!

And also i was playing Falling Phantoms, and look! my name isn't on the list and neither is the 1st place! (I was in first)

I will try to post more, but i won't be posting early in the morning this week, I'm going to a drama camp from early in the morning to late in the afternoon, so my posts will be late :/
Please forgive me for me not posting
thanks for understanding jammers! =3

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fridge, Seashell, and Picture!

Hi jammers! i figured i wasn't getting enough AJ in my blog, so I made
A video! i hope you like it!
Also, i didn't notice, we have a fridge to go with the wooden Mailbox! Next thing they'll do, they'll make a house thats made out of a hollow of a tree!
We have seashells in the ocean!

And dolphin made this new picture!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

SeaWeed Boa

Hi jammers! today on AJ we have a new ocean clothes item!
The Seaweed Boa! I'm glad its made of seaweed =3

I like how it looks on turtles!

Here i am dancing with my new boa :D

Friday, July 27, 2012


hi jammers, as you noticed, i guess, i haven't posted in quite a while
I'm taking a break from the blog
i have found a lot of other stuff to do, and i have become busier
I will still check animal jam, play it too
i'll be back, and i hope you all don't forget about unnoticeable small me though hehe
i will still be posting about a few things, not the daily stuff though :P
see y'all around on AJ!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

FOXES!!!!!! oh and other stuff :)

Foxes are out!! aren't they soooo cute! (Thanks Dolphino for showing me this picture!!!!)

Foxes =3 some summer carnival prizes and stuff is half off!!
Summer is almost over, that's what that is saying... :(

Here is the foxes!! Look at the glitch of how the ears and the legs and feet are different colors, hmm

Here's my main fox, Empress Daringlily, she's a ninja :)

Heres all the fox moves!



Here is a message on the Fox day!
i have seen MANY foxes running around!

Page 2! 
A new den shop? can't you just go home? Doesn't make much sense to me, i kinda like the other place better.

Here is the new My Settings thing! it tells you if your a member or nm! Yesterday it had a glitch of it said 999 days of membership left under the member badge!
you can put if your den is unlocked, or locked
if your sound is off or on
and the "Overheard In Jamaa" tells you stuff! It changes too

Page 3:
Donate to the endangered animals and help monkeys come back!
Monkeys aren't my favorite animal, but its fun to donate!
I wonder what animal jam will do with all those gems! nothing i guess
but they're trying to get 100 million gems! WHOA!!!!

Page 4:
The Costume Corner... we kinda all already know about this so...
But hey!!! Maybe they're going to make a new costume!

page 5:
On Aj Outfitters, you can buy a Hummingbird Pet Pack for 9 dollars
You click the bottom of the screen where it says Outfitters SHOP NOW to get to the outfitter shop!
If you join in july, you can get a nature Archway! there are four kinds! July is about to be over!

Here are all my foxes :) the middle one i change around sometimes!

Have a Jamtastic day!