Saturday, February 2, 2013

rares :(

The problem with animal jam is most people have to have rares to be happy
I remember when animal jam wasn't just about rares
we would have a heart locket or a clover blanket, and we'd be happy
me, my brother, and sister would go to the juice hut as koalas and have pirate hats and sing...
and there were actually people in the juice hut.
today i dressed my koala up in a pirate hat and went into the juice hut and sat on the stage...
no one was there. 
I was alone.
My sister doesn't play anymore.
trading is all people do.
i don't like that all animal jam is about anymore is rares.

Heart Necklace

Here is the new item for today!
a underwater heart necklace!
very hearty =3