Monday, February 6, 2012


Ok here we have a fun way to earn an achievement! First you go to-
Wait wait, no no no, Brady Barr's Bunny?
Ah here, Brady Barr's Laboratory(Lab for short)
Now were was I? Oh yes now I remember! See the sign in Temple Of Zios. Go in!
Then you go over to the Game Section(I made that up =3)
Then you click on it. this is what you should see.
You click the Red 3 times!
You click the green three times!
You click the blu three times! (It doesn't matter wich order you put them in!)
Then click the fire three times!
Then you click a bottle you want to use!
It doesn't matter wich bottle you choose, You'll get an achievement!
This is what your bottle should look like!
It changes colors!! From green to Purple
From purple to Blue!
From blue to... whatever that is!
Just a little fun thing :D

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