Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Different Mini Torches

Hi jammers!

I was at a Leap Party, and I noticed this little mini torch!
So cute right?
Well later i saw another one much like it but some what different. 
Why would Animal Jam make two types of little torches? Why not use the same one?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Animal

Hi jammers!

Is there gonna be

In the Daily Explorer, Animal Jam's Blog,
I found this!
Here's what it says!
I think its an octopus! 
What do you jammers think?


I was at the Leap year Party, and when you go up the stairs, you see this big frog.
One time when I went, I saw this frog. It looks like an alien doesn't it?
I got interested in what other frogs they put big, so I started taking pictures of them.
I have just a few of the ones I saw.

The mean one.
Princess Frog?
Sience Experimets
And a girl frog
I wonder how Animal Jam comes up with so many looks for frogs and other pets.

Lion den

Hi jammers!

Dolphino has made a Lion zoo! He collected lion plushies and put them in his den for people to come see the lions!

Here I am snuggling with the green and purple lions.
Here's the Purple lions and the white lions. It looks like the little white lion has some stuff on!
Then we go upstairs and see these lions
We also see the pink lion probably telling the king lion his fortune. you see a blue lion with an eye patch also!
And then here is the red and black lions!
you should come see Dolphino's den!

Lime The Penguin And Leaf The Horse

Hi Jammers!

I made a NEW story called: Lime The Penguin And Leaf The Horse!

It's not in the stories page, its in its own little page!

Check it out! Its on the left side


Lion Plushies

Hi jammers!
Here's all the colors of the Lion Plushies from The Leap Year Party!
Kinda tiny i know, i'll try to get bigger pictures of them soon!

Leap Party!!!!!

Hey jammers!
I FINALLY got into a Leap Year Party!!!!!

when you come in there's this thing that says 29
when you click it you see this!
 This is me and Spino11
Here I am on the mushroom

Here's me jumping off the slide!
when you go upstairs of the treehouse, you see this
when you click it you see these items!
when you go up up, you see this
it has these items!
and these
you also see the claw!
I got this Lion Plushie!

The wishing well!
The Snuggly Fire Place
Up the stairs!
First floor!
Here's the top floor
Me and ShadowChaser4
Here's a Huge Frog!

This party is EPIC!

Leap Year Party

Hi jammers! We've got a new party!
A Leap Year Party!
I haven't been to it yet...
But I will! 
Have any of you Jammers gone to it yet?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year?

Hi jammers!
It said something was coming for Leap Year!
I think its a new land!
There's an opening that could go to a new land in Appondale!
What do you think???

Crystal Sand Water Glitch

Hey jammers! We've got a glitch!
Look down at the water.
It's going through the slide!

LionFish Fin Armor

Hi jammers! we've got a new armor item to go with our other LionFish armor!
Its the LionFish Fin Armor!
But look at this 0.0 Its not even attached to my fins!
Is it supposed to be like this????