Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dancing Clothes glitch

Hey everyone!!
Dolphino found another glitch, and that is the dancing clothes glitch
When he danced, he turned invisible but his clothes didn't.
I tried this too, but it didn't work for me. So I don't really know how that happened :P


Hey jammers!!! Dolphina here :D
Dolphino found a glitch in his den right before he became a member. 
See the monkey nesting dolls? They're up and they're member.
Somehow this got through, but now Dolphino is a member again.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey all!

Hey everyone! I hadn't been on the blog for a while, and when I went on today, I realized that some of you guys still looked at my blog! I didn't realize this! I stopped playing animal Jam because my membership expired, and I think i'll hand the blog over to Dolphino soon :) I will still post a little, and I'm going to make a Lime the penguin story soon.
As for today, deer have come out!
Finally they have an animal that you don't have to buy from the diamond shop! :D
although, it is member :( 

I went around Jamaa to find a deer player, but there doesn't seem to be many around! I wonder why? I  really like the deer :)
here's one i found in Captain Melville's Juice hut. It came out before christmas, which was probably a really good idea because people could put on reindeer antlers and such :)
I saw this feather in the 4th page of the news! I think that they're making a eagle animal! Me and my friend actually suggested this months ago! We suggested birds, and lands in the sky! I'm really excited about this one :3

That's all I'm posting for now, so bye jammers!!!!!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Rare Pumpkin Head

Hey jammers! Heads up on Rare Item Monday!!!
Make sure you get it before it's gone! O.o
Jam on!!!

Dolphino's Blog

Hey jammers!! Dolphina here! I wanted you all to notice my brother has a blog! It's called
Animaljam Water Wolves!! Everyone make sure you go on and look and comment on his
blog! Thanks jammers! Have a happy day!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Night Of the Phantoms Den

At first when I just saw this i thought it meant that there was a new den coming out that was like the night of the phantoms den!
But it turns out its looking for the most DECORATED den like it! Get your decorations and make your den amazing jammers! I'm so excited for the Night of the Phantoms!!!!


Happy Saturday morning Jammers!!!!!
The new Newssss has come!!!
OMGOODNESSS cheetahs are here!!!!!! 
They are now in the diamond shop for 10 gems! i have 7, but I'm a nonmember so i can't get any more or a cheetah :(
But it's still exciting!!!!

They have a new conservation thingy in the museum!! and you can find a whole bunch of hats there too

Tarantulas are 3 gems in the diamond shop now!

I wish i could go to the hive, but i cant, and I'll post Dolphino's pictures soon! Hard mode sounds awesome! Can't wait to check it out! if i can....

Great Nature projects? This is in Kimbara Outback! I always get Kimbari bay and Kimbara Outback confused!

You can now BUY diamonds at Target or Walmart!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Newwww stuffs

Hey jammers! Since it's October now, I figured I'd post a new update! (Also becuase there WAS a new update)
The Hive! Apparently a new Phantom den has been discovered! I just found out that it is in the Adventure Base Camp!
Unfortantly it's members only.... and I just so happen to be a non member :P

And here's where you host/join one, I'll have Dolphino take some pictures and post them!

Ok so back to the newspaper.... next is Elephants are back, and Pet tarantulas are back! This year they are in the diamond shop! Last year they were a monthly member gift!

Night of the phantoms O.o I'm guessing that thats Halloween! Also bats are back in the spooky party!

A new Adventure map,  and a new animal coming soon!!!

The Haunted Mansion is back :P Of course, and so is the Spooooooky party

Here's The Phantom Vortex from last year and There's new migration banners!

All this new stuff  in epic wonders that I hadnt seen yet becuase i wasn't playing, so it doesn't say its new anymore.
Annnndddd this got stuck here and i couldn't move it...... soooooooooo heres the new Birthday cake!! and the back to school pack, even though school started a month ago.

More of that Epic Wonders stuff.....

This is also in Epic Wonders (Hint the prices)

Heres what's new in Jam Mart Clothing! I really liked the skeleton wings!

Here's some stuff in The furniture shop

and this stuff came back out

And this stuff!

Thanks for looking jammers! and thanks for still looking at my blog even though I don't post much!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ok uh yeah

Heyyyy jammers! I know I said I would be on Animal Jam alot more, but I got caught up in a bunch of other stuff! I'm participating alot in sports and stufffff, and I'm a non member so I haven't been on much because They don't have that much for non members, but i love the new phantom Adventure!!!! I'll post about the new one also. I sometimes play on my brothers account so I'll be able to take pictures and stuff :D Have fun Jammers!!!


Friday, August 16, 2013


Hey jammers! I'm back for now, even though school is starting soon, but I've been playing
Animal Jam more than I was so I decided to come on my blog!
I have to go now, but Jam On!