Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twin Cuffs

It seems Animal Jam has a glitch were there are 2 kinds of cuffs. Light cuffs and Dark cuffs.

One is so posed to be purple cuffs.
                                        Notice the Small difference of the two.

I don't know which one is sopposed to be purple but i hope AJ gets this fixed

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Stuff

Now that its January (which it has been for a long time) there are new items.

                                                 First we have the Clothing Store

                                               Next we have the Chamber Of Knowledge

                                         Then we have the new den called the O'l Barn

                                                             Here's how it looks inside

                                                       Here's the new den items

                                              The new Epic Wonders clothes

                          The new Flag from the Flag contest which is for Non-Members, too!

                                    We also have a new code, Explorer which gives 100 gems.

Trading List Error

so i was in Jamaa one day and i clicked on my trade list. this thing popped up and i couldn't exit it. i had to log out and log in again. a few hours later it happened again.