Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fridge, Seashell, and Picture!

Hi jammers! i figured i wasn't getting enough AJ in my blog, so I made
A video! i hope you like it!
Also, i didn't notice, we have a fridge to go with the wooden Mailbox! Next thing they'll do, they'll make a house thats made out of a hollow of a tree!
We have seashells in the ocean!

And dolphin made this new picture!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

SeaWeed Boa

Hi jammers! today on AJ we have a new ocean clothes item!
The Seaweed Boa! I'm glad its made of seaweed =3

I like how it looks on turtles!

Here i am dancing with my new boa :D

Friday, July 27, 2012


hi jammers, as you noticed, i guess, i haven't posted in quite a while
I'm taking a break from the blog
i have found a lot of other stuff to do, and i have become busier
I will still check animal jam, play it too
i'll be back, and i hope you all don't forget about unnoticeable small me though hehe
i will still be posting about a few things, not the daily stuff though :P
see y'all around on AJ!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

FOXES!!!!!! oh and other stuff :)

Foxes are out!! aren't they soooo cute! (Thanks Dolphino for showing me this picture!!!!)

Foxes =3 some summer carnival prizes and stuff is half off!!
Summer is almost over, that's what that is saying... :(

Here is the foxes!! Look at the glitch of how the ears and the legs and feet are different colors, hmm

Here's my main fox, Empress Daringlily, she's a ninja :)

Heres all the fox moves!



Here is a message on the Fox day!
i have seen MANY foxes running around!

Page 2! 
A new den shop? can't you just go home? Doesn't make much sense to me, i kinda like the other place better.

Here is the new My Settings thing! it tells you if your a member or nm! Yesterday it had a glitch of it said 999 days of membership left under the member badge!
you can put if your den is unlocked, or locked
if your sound is off or on
and the "Overheard In Jamaa" tells you stuff! It changes too

Page 3:
Donate to the endangered animals and help monkeys come back!
Monkeys aren't my favorite animal, but its fun to donate!
I wonder what animal jam will do with all those gems! nothing i guess
but they're trying to get 100 million gems! WHOA!!!!

Page 4:
The Costume Corner... we kinda all already know about this so...
But hey!!! Maybe they're going to make a new costume!

page 5:
On Aj Outfitters, you can buy a Hummingbird Pet Pack for 9 dollars
You click the bottom of the screen where it says Outfitters SHOP NOW to get to the outfitter shop!
If you join in july, you can get a nature Archway! there are four kinds! July is about to be over!

Here are all my foxes :) the middle one i change around sometimes!

Have a Jamtastic day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hi jammers!
Since we can't have foxes, i made my own fox till tomorrow!!!! 
I can't wait to see how foxes will look!!!

Fantasy Bouquet

Sorry i didn't post all week, one reason was i was tired, second was i was disappointed foxes didn't come out and third i was really busy

I'll TRY to do better :P

Today's item is the Fantasy Bouquet!
Strange that they keep making more and more fantasy castle items!
i think this is a pretty item!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New candles

Hey jammers!

Sorry for the late post!
Also, sadly, Foxes did NOT come today, they come next week :( 
This is going to drive me CRAZY!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

We have the uh, i forgot what it was called, but this thingy =3
for the fantasy den!
i haven't seen it in a den yet, but i wonder if its big or small!

What are they going to make next?

We had a little party with rabbitloveforever, love lost, psnr123, yup lots of people!!
...I'm the little blue bunny in the back screaming "Pizza"
here is a video of it =3 i hope this loads!

Also i got this while i was trying to concentrate on having my snake eat little mice!
Honestly, I haven't really used the things on the map, i don't really think it is necessary to even have the buttons, i mean, how many have even used it ?

Also, i'd like to know what you guys think about what new pages i should have!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sending to another server

Hey jammers, I'm back on Aj!
The loading glitch is fixed! it hasn't happened yet anyway
I think the real reason Animal Jam went offline was to make this!

So basically if your a water animal, and you try to click on a land animal and all the lands are full, which i would expect to barely happen... it does this! I waited for it to try another server, but it never did! I hope animal jam fixes this! looks like this was kind of a rough draft of the real thing!

Loading Glitch Fixed?

Hey jammers!
Animal Jam says that animal jam is restarting! maybe the Loading Problem will be fixed!
Also, this is how it looks when you bring up the chat box and look at the message animal jam sent you!

Aj just turned off, and this is what it says!

Strangely when i went to animal jam, this appeared at the top! weird!

Bunny Rug? and Loading Glitch

Hi jammers! this, i think, is a common glitch, though I don't notice it very much!
Bunny rugs look like that???? 
That is simply the Yellow Diner Tiles!

I wonder what other glitches are like this! I'll be on the look out it is actually a strangely interesting for some reason, hm!

Next is
The unwanted loading glitch! This has been happening a lot to me for a few days!
It keeps not loading! its annoying, because you have to get out of animal jam and back in, and it seems to happen only when you want to go to certain places, such as your den, or the den store!

Fantasy Banner

Hi jammers!
Today, we have The Fantasy Banner, Nonmember too!

Below is all the colors, its pretty cool!






This is my favorite, white!

And black!
hmm, i wonder were you would put this is the fantasy castle, doesn't seem like there IS anywhere to put it in that den!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Animal Jam HoofBeat

Hi jammers!
My friend GypsyVanner made a blog, and i decided to help her get some views! Note: She JUST started!
Have fun GypsyVanner!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fund Raising

Hey jammers!

First, the new item! Camoflauge Boots!
I wonder why they are bringing out these?

Next, as you may know, my friend ShadowChaser4's nm wings were traded from her by accident, so her brother is putting on a fund raising thing to help get some back!

How do you help?
by giving items/den items for shadowchaser4
Because shadow's wings were taken
Send them to duststar or shadowchaser4

Thanks jammers, anything will help shadow!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Giant Crystal and party moved

Hi jammers!
today we have pretty Crystals! I'm not really sure were you would put this in the fantasy den...

Also the party has been changed, due to my not being able to come, it has been changed for tomorrow!

so now

Time: 7-8 P.M. central Time 
Day: July 8 2012
Where: My den!
What for: ShadowChaser4's birthday!!!
Dress up as a mythical Creature!!!
presents are welcome for Shadow!

Hope you all can come!!!!

Thanks jammers =3

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hey jammers! we are having a party for a buddy,
It is ShadowChaser4's birthday tomorrow!

Time: Noon(12:00)-1 P.M. western time!
Where: My den!
what for: ShadowChaser4's birthday!
Dress up as a Mythical Creature!
Presents are welcome!!!

I know that it is a short time notice, but i hope you all can be there tomorrow! 

Thanks jammers!

Fantasy Castle

Hi jammers!
I wanted to post about the all new den!!! The Fantasy Castle!!!

When you first walk in...

In the water fall

more water fall!

I bought 2 so one could be an evil den!

On the porch thingy

top upstairs