Saturday, October 13, 2012

Haunted Forest Partay

Hi jammers! I finally got into the Haunted Forest Party!
Here's where you enter! i like that flooring, they should make THIS a den!
Here's wehre you buy stuff
I like the gypsy cart :)
In this box are Clothes!

Im sorry, but aj really needs to come up with some new halloween items, they had this all last year :P
In this one, you buy furniture
Heres the furniture

Here you can buy the Spooky Old Bones music, and get a bat!

This is me being the haunted tree!

When you click on it you- AHHHHH!!!!!

After you click on the moon, you get a little baby moon by you!

Thanks for coming to my blog guys! :D

Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Back! and halloween items

Hi all you jammers!
I have not been posting
As you probably HAVE noticed lol
I'm back on blogging and AJ!
I wasnt playing animal jam very much
so i stopped blogging

heres the new halloween stuff!
THe HaUNTED Mansion is back from last year!
Heres how it looks!
I got it from last year, but i cant show you because im a non member :P
This is an awesome den!
its really cool to have trading parties in :D

aww little cute tarantulas!

Heres the new Haunted Forest Party!
I havent been there yet, but i'll be sure to tell you about it!

Pet Bats have returned! (Although they were already back, in the haunted party!)

The Phantom Vortex has taken over parts of jamaa! (Little little circles of jamaa)

I found one unintentionally beside the door of the lost temple of zoos!

Heres what it looks like when you go inside!

When you click the game, this is what it says!
Your trying to protect your candy by getting the phantoms away from it!

(They apparently don't like light!)
Theres new items for halloween!

I had all of these from last year :|
Here are the new halloween den items!

and this one!

Also someone made a new Card for haloooooween!
It looks cool!

You can get stuff from sky high! (It says REALLY RARE stuff but all ive been getting is colored items...)
Also you can be part of the news crew on animal jams blog! Check their blog to find out how!