Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Newwww stuffs

Hey jammers! Since it's October now, I figured I'd post a new update! (Also becuase there WAS a new update)
The Hive! Apparently a new Phantom den has been discovered! I just found out that it is in the Adventure Base Camp!
Unfortantly it's members only.... and I just so happen to be a non member :P

And here's where you host/join one, I'll have Dolphino take some pictures and post them!

Ok so back to the newspaper.... next is Elephants are back, and Pet tarantulas are back! This year they are in the diamond shop! Last year they were a monthly member gift!

Night of the phantoms O.o I'm guessing that thats Halloween! Also bats are back in the spooky party!

A new Adventure map,  and a new animal coming soon!!!

The Haunted Mansion is back :P Of course, and so is the Spooooooky party

Here's The Phantom Vortex from last year and There's new migration banners!

All this new stuff  in epic wonders that I hadnt seen yet becuase i wasn't playing, so it doesn't say its new anymore.
Annnndddd this got stuck here and i couldn't move it...... soooooooooo heres the new Birthday cake!! and the back to school pack, even though school started a month ago.

More of that Epic Wonders stuff.....

This is also in Epic Wonders (Hint the prices)

Heres what's new in Jam Mart Clothing! I really liked the skeleton wings!

Here's some stuff in The furniture shop

and this stuff came back out

And this stuff!

Thanks for looking jammers! and thanks for still looking at my blog even though I don't post much!


  1. Hey Dolphina! It's Peace1001, Remember me? :D Awesome blog by the way!