Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ok uh yeah

Heyyyy jammers! I know I said I would be on Animal Jam alot more, but I got caught up in a bunch of other stuff! I'm participating alot in sports and stufffff, and I'm a non member so I haven't been on much because They don't have that much for non members, but i love the new phantom Adventure!!!! I'll post about the new one also. I sometimes play on my brothers account so I'll be able to take pictures and stuff :D Have fun Jammers!!!



  1. Hey, Dolphina! i am a fan of you. i am a non member on animal jam,well... i already completed the return of the phantoms and the phantom portal. only members can be beta testers :(

    1. Hey! What's your user, I'll friend you! I am now a nonmember too :P

  2. Dolphino can i trade you for your spike? Mine was hacked and i can't get another cause ppl are so picky. Please can i?