Saturday, October 12, 2013


Happy Saturday morning Jammers!!!!!
The new Newssss has come!!!
OMGOODNESSS cheetahs are here!!!!!! 
They are now in the diamond shop for 10 gems! i have 7, but I'm a nonmember so i can't get any more or a cheetah :(
But it's still exciting!!!!

They have a new conservation thingy in the museum!! and you can find a whole bunch of hats there too

Tarantulas are 3 gems in the diamond shop now!

I wish i could go to the hive, but i cant, and I'll post Dolphino's pictures soon! Hard mode sounds awesome! Can't wait to check it out! if i can....

Great Nature projects? This is in Kimbara Outback! I always get Kimbari bay and Kimbara Outback confused!

You can now BUY diamonds at Target or Walmart!

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