Thursday, January 31, 2013

PET TIGERS!!!! and valentines and stuff =3

Hi jammers! GUESS WHAT!!!!
Pet tigers!!!!!!!! We get it TOMARROW!!!!!! AHHHHHH
AWWW cute wittle fox valentine!!!!!!!
Sky High arcade game and Online safty Plague!
You can get the game in the Sol Arcade!

Speaking of which...
The River Race game is gone!!! Is it gone for the winter?
If you have one of these arcade games please tell me i dont want this game to be gone forever :(

And here is the reminder for me to show you what the Online Safety Quiz is!
(Guess where i am in that picture!)

Here is the Online Safety Quiz.

And the prize!
And money!
And a new animal!
(I'm not posting what it is because i want you to find out for yourself!!! :D
Here is the Friendship Festival and party! I remember last year me and dolphino stayed there for 3 hours till the next party came!
And the Best Buddy Contest! and the Cosmo Contest that you cant do anymore!


  1. I have the arcade game! I traded four rares for it! My user name is hoopyscoop, jamagram me if you wanna play it together. :)