Thursday, June 21, 2012

Penguins and More!

Hiya jammers! Today we've got
Penguins! Penguins will be available for EVERYONE!
They also have a new Penguins Only Party! which i haven't been to yet :P

HummingBirds are in Animal Jam outfitters

And there is a riddle! I'll let you guys figure out your self! I love this creature!

The pet contest will be revealed in a few weeks, and there is a new Journey Book for Crystal Sands!

There are New Prizes!!!!!!! I'll show them at the bottom!

ALL the game Machines are Half Price!
Thats funny, first they had that for the dens, and now arcade games1

Remember if you join in June (which i might :D) you get a golden glove!!!
And when items become "Rare" and lots of jammers want it, The value goes up!

We've got an Awesome Golden Pirate sword, to go with our Awesome Rare Pirate Hat! 
I wonder what's next!

There is a new Star Couch!

This is what you get when you finish your Crystal Sands Journey Book!

This is my Giraffe giving me lemonade for 25 cents!

Here is the new Plushies at the Summer Carnival!

They are all Starry and Fourth of July Colored!

There is also normal plushies you can get too!