Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bunnies and Pet Items!

Hi jammers! Looky here! they got a new Jamaa Newspaper!
Bunnies are here!!! Limited Time ONLY!!!!! Hurry and get one before they're gone!!
Ducky Dash and The First Ocean Party!
You could be the one to design the next den item!! draw something up and enter it! All entries are due april 19th! Also join in april and get a Hot cocoa Machine!
Pet den items!! AWESOME!!!
Monkeys will be gone! Get one while you can jammers!!!
You get the bunnies where you could get bats in jamaa central.
Awwww its SOOO CUTE!!!!
here's where you can get Pet Den Items! 
Here's what you can buy!
The dog house can change colors!
Looks a lot like the thing they had in December doesn't it?
Here's my little pets!
this is my new little bunny! As soon as I play a game, I'll get another one!

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