Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clearance Items Are Going...

Halloween is now over and Thanksgiving is near. The clearance Halloween items are going to disappear till next year so you may want to get them quick.

Halloween clothing, Den Items, Ocean clothing, and bats are leaving.

You may want to buy some stuff like Scary Gazelle horns, Medusa masks, and other stuff, but, the problem is gems.

you can't buy stuff without gems, but you can earn them. Some games don't give many gems, but one thing i know-one does. Phantom's Treasure. Found at the bottom of the Deep Blue, it is a search game, where you find items in the picture. When you memorize where everything is, it is quite easy, and can give you 48 gems in 15 or less seconds.

Have fun~ Dolphina

PS i am trying to figure out how to take pictures on AnimalJam but haven't quite got there =3


  1. im honored to be on your blog, dolphina! thanks for utting me up there! from: your brother dolphino

  2. Theres no place like dolphina's blog, theres no place like dolphina's blog click click ( the keys when you type) woo! im here..., and whats this?! a pic of me! i feel like a V.I.P! jk! thanks again for putting me up there dolphina! from you bro dolphino

  3. yo dolphina post something back! im gettin' bored here! as ur bro i think u should talk to me dolphina! i know i see all the time around the house this is your blog not the house! from your brother (in real life too) dolphino

  4. Thanks Dolphino :D Im glad you like my blog and I'm hoping to post pictures soon :D