Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey all!

Hey everyone! I hadn't been on the blog for a while, and when I went on today, I realized that some of you guys still looked at my blog! I didn't realize this! I stopped playing animal Jam because my membership expired, and I think i'll hand the blog over to Dolphino soon :) I will still post a little, and I'm going to make a Lime the penguin story soon.
As for today, deer have come out!
Finally they have an animal that you don't have to buy from the diamond shop! :D
although, it is member :( 

I went around Jamaa to find a deer player, but there doesn't seem to be many around! I wonder why? I  really like the deer :)
here's one i found in Captain Melville's Juice hut. It came out before christmas, which was probably a really good idea because people could put on reindeer antlers and such :)
I saw this feather in the 4th page of the news! I think that they're making a eagle animal! Me and my friend actually suggested this months ago! We suggested birds, and lands in the sky! I'm really excited about this one :3

That's all I'm posting for now, so bye jammers!!!!!



  1. I really like your blog, but if you don't post that much, I'll have to remove it from my bookmarks since it almost never gets updated. Sorry!

  2. You'd better post more or I think about suicide!

  3. You better post something. I want some more posts.

  4. You haven't posted in a long time. I'm removing you from my booksmarks!

  5. Hi Dolphina! My name is Captain I'm Squiddaddy your buddy on AJ! I am excited for the next post! :D

  6. Hi I'm Captain, your buddy Squiddaddy on AJ! I just wanted to say Im so excited for the next post! :D