Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey all!

Hey everyone! I hadn't been on the blog for a while, and when I went on today, I realized that some of you guys still looked at my blog! I didn't realize this! I stopped playing animal Jam because my membership expired, and I think i'll hand the blog over to Dolphino soon :) I will still post a little, and I'm going to make a Lime the penguin story soon.
As for today, deer have come out!
Finally they have an animal that you don't have to buy from the diamond shop! :D
although, it is member :( 

I went around Jamaa to find a deer player, but there doesn't seem to be many around! I wonder why? I  really like the deer :)
here's one i found in Captain Melville's Juice hut. It came out before christmas, which was probably a really good idea because people could put on reindeer antlers and such :)
I saw this feather in the 4th page of the news! I think that they're making a eagle animal! Me and my friend actually suggested this months ago! We suggested birds, and lands in the sky! I'm really excited about this one :3

That's all I'm posting for now, so bye jammers!!!!!